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The LIC One-Act Festival 2018

Performing July 11 - August 2 2018

Finals: August 4 2018

Six programs....48 shows.....10-20 minutes each....
Ranging from comedies to dramas to alternative......

The LIC One-Act Festival 2018 is a self-producing competition-style one-act play festival.
The audience will vote for each show they see, and the top-scorers will have a place in the Finals *: 
August 4th @ 6pm


~Information and order of shows is subject to change. Last Updated July 17 2018.
~Please be aware that some subject matter may be offensive or triggering; discretion is advised.

Program A
Wed July 11 @ 7pm
Sun July 15 @ 5:30pm
Sat July 21 @ 7:30pm
Fri July 27 @ 7pm
Tues July 31 @ 9pm

The Concept of Women Written by Emily Spence. Directed by Sydney Dennison. Drama. 17 minutes.
Women separated from men centuries ago and have been living in peace ever since. But when the beasts with the hairy faces break into their city, even the elite women have to join together to take back their way of life. 

College Without Walls * 
Written by Matt Sanders and Ariel Aliza Sanders. Directed by Eric Leeb. Comedy. 10 minutes.
On a park bench, a young fast food worker meets someone who claims to be a college president, and learns a lesson in life.

Lunchtime Written and Directed by Johnny Culver. Comedy. 5 minutes.
Two snobby matrons sloppily conspire to have their snippy waitress fired. A comedy for all!

Short-Sell Written by Ben Hatt. Directed by Kari Barclay. Drama. 20 minutes.
Sam, a struggling New York Journalist, interviews a conniving short seller about his upcoming exposé to bring down a publicly tradable company. The fallout of his actions unravel and the consequences are devastating.


Afterlife of Brian * Written by Dan Weiss. Directed by Aliza Shane. Comedy/Drama. 12 minutes.
Brian Lewkowitsky has moved on to the Afterlife. Unfortunately, due to some woefully outdated technology, no one can figure out his true identity.

Bulletproof  Written and Directed by Rae Haas. Drama. 10 minutes.
This is the story of two friends with a simple problem-- P. J. wants Shawn to shoot him in the chest.

Whistle Stop Romance  Written by Phil Paradis. Directed by Albert Baker. Dramatic Romance. 17 minutes.
Time: Afternoon in late. May, 1927. Place: Train station platform Grove City, Iowa.
Once jilted, a young schoolteacher returns home only to confront her former fiancé, who tries to win her back.

revolver * Written by MP O'Brien. Directed by Sean Meehan. Other. 7 minutes.
Two officials deliver an inaugural package to an American mother who would prefer they skip her door all together.

     * Equity-approved Showcase.

Program B
Th July 12 @ 7pm
Sun July 15 @ 7:30pm
Sat July 21 @ 5:30pm

Fri July 27 @ 9pm
Tues July 31 @ 7pm

The Passion of Athena by Steve Mazzoccone. Assistant Director: Blythe Beard-Kitowski. Drama. 10 minutes.
Athena, the goddess of wisdom, is experiencing a drought. Doomed and distraught, she has one last chance to save herself.

The Garden of Lies Written and directed by Melissa Maney. Satire. 12 minutes.
What if science and religion were both right? This satire explores the classic story of Adam and Eve and their interaction with the first homosapien.

The Acrobats Written and directed by Michael Piatkowski. Dramatic Comedy. 15 minutes.
A short play about the creation of Pablo Picasso's Les Saltimbanques. 

At The Mathews' Written and directed by Skya Theobald. Comedy. 20 minutes.
Events run amuck during the Mathews' annual holiday party.


Game Over? by Matt Silver. Directed by Sarah Chichester. Black Comedy. 12 minutes.
Can a suicidal CEO be talked off the ledge by a stoner security guard?

Blanche in a Wheelchair Written by Aaron Leventman. Directed by Steven Mazzoccone. Assistant Director: Blythe Beard-Kitowski.
Romantic Comedy. 15 minutes.

Will true love heal a bitter man after a recent physical disability?

Lucretia Written by Steve Gold. Directed by Franco Martinez. Other. 12 minutes.
A farce about the abuse of power.

The Adventurers Written by Will Hart. Directed by Will Hart and Madeline Harsh. Comedy. 10 minutes.
Two down on their luck pirates witness an object fall from the sky that could spell the end of their financial troubles.

Program C
Fri July 13 @ 7pm
Wed July 18 @ 7pm
Sun July 22 @ 5:30pm
Sat July 28 @ 7:30pm
Th Aug 2 @ 7pm

Bleachers Written by Azariah Coppin. Directed by Hannah Tova Wolff. Drama. 23 minutes.
Three millennial teenagers get together for a smoke break. A seemingly banal circumstance turns into a frightful encounter with race, identity, and sexual politics.

Beekeeper Written by Jack Rushton. Directed by Stephanie Hazard. Comedy. 12 minutes.
Two women turn to each other in the art of having an affair.

Did You Take Your Bitter Pill Today? Written by Patricia Fields. Directed by Fredric Michaels. 12 minutes.
The challenges of life can sometimes compel us to make choices based on anger or bitterness. But even within the heart of those emotions, we can still find a streak of love.


What Friends Are For Written by Mark-Eguene Garcia. Directed by Rodrigo Ernesto Bolaños. Comedy. 13 minutes.
Three friends will do anything for each other (lies, identity theft, sexting, bodies buried in the desert...).  A comedy about taking the phrase to its limit.

Death Wish Written by Fernando Segall. Directed by Lauren Grajewski. Other. 15 minutes.
A suicidal man is visited by a not very traditional personification of death.

Love Imitates Art Written by Ryan Mills. Directed by Ariane Malia Reinhart. Romance. 11 minutes.
Two actors, one straight and one gay, confront their feelings during a rehearsal in regards to their roles as lovers.

Tappa Written by Shannon Brady. Directed by Natalie Jones. Drama. 12 minutes.
A woman returns to the house of her former foster parents after their death. Can she find peace among the voices in her head?

Program D
Fri July 13 @ 9pm

Th July 19 @ 7pm
Sun July 22 @ 7:30pm
Sat July 28 @ 5:30pm
Wed Aug 1 @ 7pm

Gentle Warren Written and directed by Steven Carinci. Drama. 15 minutes.
When the truth is revealed about a TV reality show that is used to ensnare sexual predators, what will the world really think?

Rest in Pieces Written by Lizzie Guest. Co-directed by Lizzie Guest and Melissa Mowry. Comedy. 16 minutes.
Two strangers bond at a cemetery after suffering loss. A dark comedy that explores what it means to grieve those we love and those we hate.

Park Place
 Written by Lindsay Hope Simon. Directed by Lizz Hudman. Horror. 20 minutes.
Four teenagers traverse the scariest place on earth - the New York City subway. An homage to both 40s radio plays and 80s horror films, will our heroes get out alive?

Amy's In The Way Written by Tanaka Muvavarirwa. Directed by Jeremey Catterton. Drama. 7 minutes.
Jennifer and David make a terrible mistake. And Jennifer can't afford to betray Amy again.


The Unspeakable Passion of Mitch Devoe Written by Frank Tangredi. Directed by Hazen Cuyler. Comedy/Drama. 14 minutes.
Mitch comes home to tell his family he's in love - but there's this one little problem....

Graveyard Shift * Written by Gwen Orel. Directed by Leslie Anne Weishaar. Drama. 12 minutes.
An orderly and a nurse struggle to move the dead body of an 86-year old Jewish man and face their own mortality in the process.

Sip and Savor Written and directed by Thavma Phillips. Friendship. 11 minutes.
Three best friends hang off of the George Washington Bridge to dissuade one of them from actually jumping.

     * Equity-approved Showcase.

Program E
Sat July 14 @ 5:30pm
Fri July 20 @ 7pm

Wed July 25 @ 7pm
Sun July 29 @ 7:30pm
Th Aug 2 @ 9pm

Still. by Peter Charney. Drama. 15 minutes.
An artist and his model attempt to finish their painting.

Buzzkill Written by Rollin Jewett. Directed by Chris Ostrowski. Supense/Comedy. 17 minutes.
An American stoner looking to have a good time in Amsterdam is confronted by a mysterious refugee with a frightful agenda.

What Do You Say at the End of the World Written by Emily Welty. Directed by Neal Kowalsky. Comedy. 10 minutes.
The world is about to end at any moment. Ian and Larissa haven't really seen each other since they broke up and run into each other unexpectedly - what do you possibly say?

Schema Written and directed by Taylor Dodd Geu. Drama. 10 minutes.
Donovan is hoping that a psychiatrist can cure his depression, but instead he’s offered a relapse into bad habits.


"Like" But Don't Touch Written and directed by James James. Romantic Comedy. 12 minutes.
Anne and Drew, two perpetually single co-workers, try to shed light on why Anne didn't receive a valentine from her crush.

Myrtle Beach Sunrise * Written by Vivian Lermond. Directed by Dani Sue. Comedy. 10 minutes.
Change can be daunting at any age. But sometime, just when you think the sun is setting on life, a new dawn alters your horizon.

Ant In The Sugar Bowl Written by Jamal Williams. Drama. 15 minutes.
An older man is secretly in love with his middle-age best female friend who has an abusive lustful relationship with a much younger man. 

The Carpenter, the Flood, and the Fart Written and directed by Lawrence Rinkel. Comedy. 15 minutes.
A simple carpenter is cuckolded by the student boarder who wants to make love to his wife. A farce based on Chaucer's The Miller's Tale.

     * Equity-approved Showcase.

Program F
Sat July 14 @ 7:30pm
Fri July 20 @ 9pm
Th July 26 @ 7pm
Sun July 29 @ 5:30pm
Wed Aug 1 @ 9pm

The Story of Us
by Jackie Collet. Comedy. 13 minutes.
Four young millennials during a night out try to find love in this hookup culture that they live in.

Metonym, Or the Almost Completely False Story Behind the Creation of Roget's Thesaurus * by Ellen Abrams. Comedy. 12 minutes.
London, 1840s: Dr. Peter Mark Roget may not be a success in the medical world, but with the insight of his wise wife Mary, he discovers that he possesses an amazing and unexpected linguistic gift.
   * NOTE: Metonym will NOT perform on Thurs July 26 @ 7pm.

Razing the Statue * Written by Marilynn Barner Anselmi. Directed by Okema T. Moore. Other. 10 minutes.
A city worker is tasked with cutting up a Confederate statue--until it comes alive and begins to spout snippets of famous speeches in a bungled attempt to discover who it was.

When I Fell in Love by Amber Kusching. Drama. 10 minutes.
Chronicles of the aftermath of a man’s suicide, told through his perspective, as well as his wife's and daughter's.


Roots Written by Nikhil Mahapatra. Directed by Nicky Maggio. Drama. 16 minutes.
A family is forced to move to a new country to survive. Their grown children wish to return to their home country afterwards.

Forgive Us Those Who Trespass Against Us by Thomas Dane. Romantic Comedy. 15 minutes.

I've Waited All My Life To Say by Jake Gonnella. Drama. 11 minutes.
A short, somewhat absurd play about two old, old friends, reminiscing in their own ways about the lives they led, together and apart. A meditation on aging, dying, and living a life well-lived.

28+2 by Youlim Nam. Other. 18 minutes.
New Year's Day: April is joined by Dave as they celebrate her 30th Korean birthday at a local restaurant in Brooklyn. April is looking forward to the New Year as a time of personal growth; however, her poor financial condition and ex-boyfriend prove to be difficult obstacles.

    * Equity-approved Showcase.
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