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For all perfomances (unless specifically noted), tickets are available online AND at the box office. We accept cash and card at the box office.

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718 392 0722
Mon - Fri 10:00am - 6pm EST
These are the general hours; however, staff is sometimes able to pick up during off-hours. If we can't pick up, please leave a brief message and we will return your call as soon as we can.
44-02 23rd Street (between 44th Road and 44th Avenue)
Long Island City, NY 11101
Theater is NOT in the LIC Arts Center building; please enter via parking lot and head toward the back (past the loading dock).

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Act One: One Act Festival 2019

Performing January 2 - 13 2019

Soul-stirring short plays for a cold winter's night!

The Act One: One Act Festival 2019 is a self-producing competition-style one-act play festival. The audience will vote for each show they see, and the top-scorers will have a place in the Finals: January 13th @ 7pm.
~Information and order of shows are subject to change.
~Please be forewarned: Some subject matter may be offensive or triggering.
~When voting, feel free to leave comments on the back of ballot to be used for social media purposes.

Program 1
Wed Jan 2 @ 7:30pm
Sat Jan 5 @ 7:30pm
Th Jan 10 @ 8pm

  • Nemo and Friends by Emily Sharpe. 10 minutes. Comedy. 
Several fish get eaten. A couple who is getting married in two weeks discuss the bride's jitters. 
  • Bossa Nova and Bees (In One Absurd Act) by Armelle Kay Harper. 10 minutes. Comedy. 
A job interview is for a mysterious position... with unusual qualifications... and an unusual candidate. A comedic, absurdist take on the ridiculousness of the interview process! 
  • Six Ways Until Sunday by Malcolm Boyd. 17 minutes. Drama. 
A difficult explanation of how EASY relationships AREN'T.
  • Laundry Day by Sam Perwin. 15 minutes. Dramedy. 
Darren walks into a laundromat carrying a bloody towel. He's having a bad day. Maybe Jane, the nice girl doing laundry there can help him out? She does have a lot of quarters...


  • Her Train by Skya Theobald. 10 minutes. Drama. 
A young woman with a troubled past meets an overzealous young man while waiting for her train.
  • Stolen Girl Song* by Elizabeth Searle. 15 minutes. Drama. 
Talking to an imaginary audience in her head, LENI, an orphan girl in Rotterdam, shares her dreams of fame and her obsessions with American TV and tabloid tales of ‘stolen girls.' 
  • And Will You Be My Valentine* by Marjorie Conn. 15 minutes. Drama. 
Lorena Hickok shares her intimate love letters and her life with Eleanor Roosevelt. 
  • Thoroughbred of My F*cking Heart by James James. 13 minutes. Comedy. 
Carol prepares for a big callback...but her scene partner and boyfriend have other plans.

Program 2
Th Jan 3 @ 7:30pm
Sat Jan 5 @ 3pm
Fri Jan 11 @ 8pm

  • Blame The Heat* by Annette Storckman. 10 minutes. Comedy.
Roommates Marie and Jane need an AC quickly, before the corpse stashed under their couch smells up the whole apartment. 
  • The Assault(s)* by Marilynn Barner Anselmi. 10 minutes. Drama.  
SHEL convinces TONYA to report an on-campus sexual assault. TONYA's story forces the college official to examine her own experiences with the accused.
  • Blind Date by Rollin Jewett. 10 minutes. Comedy.
A case of mistaken identity turns out to have potential for true romance.
  • In Training by Rachael Carnes. 10 minutes. Comedy.
Welcome to your job from hell. A play in the dark.

  • Happy Halloween, Harry Houdini by Matthew Sanders. 13 minutes. Comedy.
On the day after Halloween, two amateur magicians, Wendell and Mimi, meet at Houdini’s grave, both looking for a little magic in their lives.
  • A Watch by Youlim Nam. 15 minutes. Drama.
On a beautiful, but a brutally hot day, Shannon summons April to a small park along the Brooklyn waterfront. The two girls, more sisters than friends, gnaw, clamor, and cry their way through a night against the backdrop of Manhattan skyline.
  • This is the Life of the Man by Justin Valentino. 9 minutes. Comedy.
A lightning fast morality play following the life of an average man. If Charles Ludlum and Christopher Durang collaborated on Everyman, it would probably be very different, but you get the point.

Program 3
Fri Jan 4 @ 7:30pm
Wed Jan 9 @ 8pm
Sat Jan 12 @ 8pm
  • Year of the Phoenix by Cassaundra Marie. 20 minutes. Sci-Fi Drama. 
Love, loss, and the perseverance of the human soul in a city where supernatural beings are alive and thriving, this story follows a recently widowed woman on her self-discovery through the companionship of an unconventional form.
  • Last of the Red Hot Cyber Lovers by Laura DeBar. 10 minutes. Dramedy.
Moments after being rejected by his girlfriend at a bar, a lonely professor meets a hooker and, as he pursues her, finds himself in an introspective discussion about the necessity and meaning of relationships.
  • More Myself Than I Am by David Adam Gill. 12 minutes. Comedy.
Heathcliff and Catherine are finally together in the afterlife, when they realize they don't really like each other. No, really.

  • Alzheimer's Diary by Steve Gold. 13 minutes. Drama.
A drama about a woman who struggles with her mother's illness.
  • Role Playing Night* by Matt Einhorn. 13 minutes. Comedy.
A misunderstanding between lovers over a night of "role playing": She plans for a bedroom related evening and winds up with quite the surprise.
  • Different Worlds by Lisa VillaMil. 16 minutes. Drama.
Daughter runs away one night after a fight with her father. And as a storm kicks up at sea, both wonder if it might be too dark for her to ever find her way back home.
  • The Pumpkin Patch* by Joe Breen. 13 minutes. Comedy.
While the VanPelt kids look for a holiday visitor that will never come, and a childhood they've never had, "The Pumpkin Patch" takes a look at the folklore and latch-key world created by cartoonist Charles Schulz.

                *These plays are AEA-Approved showcases

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