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Information Box Office:
For all perfomances (unless specifically noted), tickets are available online AND at the box office. We accept cash and card at the box office.

Phone Number and Hours:
718 392 0722
Mon - Fri 10:00am - 6pm EST
These are the general hours; however, staff is sometimes able to pick up during off-hours. If we can't pick up, please leave a brief message and we will return your call as soon as we can.
44-02 23rd Street (between 44th Road and 44th Avenue)
Long Island City, NY 11101
Theater is NOT in the LIC Arts Center building; please enter via parking lot and head toward the back (past the loading dock).

Click HERE for map of neighborhood.

Subway Service:
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The LIC One-Act Festival 2019

Performing July 10 - August 17 2019
Semi-Finals: August 21 -22 2019 @ 7:30pm

Finals: August 24 2019 @ 7pm

The LIC One-Act Festival is a series of self-produced short plays competing for different cash prizes. Audience
votes after each performance to determine the Finalists †!


     ~Line-up is subject to change.
     ~If event is sold out, tickets may be available at-door. Please come in to sign up for the waiting list. Names will NOT be taken over the phone or via e-mail.

     ~* Please be aware that some subject matter may be offensive or triggering (ex-murder, rape, violence). Also be aware that some plays include physical violence and gun shots. Discretion is advised.
      ~Actor ppearing courtesy of Actors' Equity. **


THE ZODI-ISTS by Steve Savitz. Directed by Steve Savitz. 13 minutes.
Two caustically amusing snobs ridicule people based on their zodiac affiliations and end up in deep trouble.

DELACORTE by Michael Piatkowski. Directed by Michael Piatkowski. 10 minutes.
1972: Two actresses prepare for a production of Hamlet backstage at the Delacorte Theatre, Central Park, NYC, where they discuss their careers, their lives, and NYC.

Oxycontin Follies by Steve Gold. Directed by Abby Dias. 10 minutes.
A dark comedy about the origin of the opioid epidemic.

The Con-Dumb by Lawrence Francis. 20 minutes.
Cult-like sales leader scams nitwit applicant.

All Heroes Do by Karina Cochran. Directed by Victoria Gruenberg. 17 minutes.
Teddy likes to write late at night, but his wife, Fancy, keeps waking up and interrupting him. An exploration on the constant power struggle between life and work.

The First Time + by Katelyn Paquet. 20 minutes.
Two young and naive best friends...who would literally kill for each other. Young heartbreak in a dark and comedic play.
       + Not performing July 10 @ 7:30pm


July 10 @ 7:30pm
July 18 @ 7:30pm
July 26 @ 7:30pm
August 3 @ 5pm
August 10 @ 8pm


Naked Men by Vita Morales. Directed by Thomas G. Waites. 10 minutes.
Job applicant and interviewer realize they know each...but in an uncomfortably intimate way.

The Plunge by Mitchell Ward. Directed by Aubrey Mann. 11 minutes.
A dramatic exploration of what happens to couples when other peoples' clogged toilets gets in their way.

White Hoodie by Christine Nguyen. Directed by Jessica Tabares. 12 minutes.
An exploration of love, sex, and everything in between through the interactions of three NYC college students.

Critical Affairs by Elise Marenson. Directed by Elizabeth Bove. 10 minutes.
A senator and his former lover/ protegee are now political opponents.

BINGE by Samantha Walsh. Directed by Christopher Diercksen. 10 minutes.
After an incriminating photo surfaces in the attic, the subjects of race relations and forgiveness are brooched between two life-long friends.

All For One And One For All by Skya Theobald. Directed by Skya Theoblad. 13 minutes.
Mel is infatuated by Liam, her friend’s ex, but it is revealed that she may not be the only one who has feelings for him.


July 11 @ 7:30pm
July 19 @ 7:30pm
July 27 @ 5pm
August 3 @ 8pm
August 11 @ 5pm


Tombstone by Seth Freeman. Directed by Martha Benson. 12 minutes.
A couple is concerned when a suspicious package shows up on their front porch.

Burns Night by James Armstrong. Directed by Ilanna Saltzman. 10 minutes.
Two friends hide out in the kitchen while a celebration of Robert Burns and all things Scottish starts to go overboard.

The Second Coming by Victor Vauban, Jr. 20 minutes.
Mother and daughter don't seem to get that a mother's love should be under any circumstances unconditionally.

Beardy McBeardersen by Jeremy Kehoe. Directed by Lawrence Schwartz. 10 minutes.
Self-proclaimed Instagram influencer meets her online blind date who, despite his rush to embrace non-conformity, actually resembles every hipster out there (based on a true story).

Service Not Rendered by Ray Vagge. 10 minutes.
A young woman with OCD confronts her therapist about questionable insurance claims.

Where's Avis? by Brianna Singer. Directed by Travis Martin. 20 minutes.
A scientist invents an experimental drug that allows people to share memories.


July 12 @ 7:30pm
July 20 @ 5pm
July 27 @ 8pm
August 4 @ 5pm
August 11 @ 8pm


TITI by Victoria Preis. Directed by Victoria Preis. 10 minutes.
While visiting family in Puerto Rico, Mija awaits the DNA/ ancestral results performed on her Titi.

The Cool Table by Nicholas Gentile. 19 minutes.
Two senior citizens scheme up ways to get girls to sit with them. It's not until a cool new guy walks into the cafeteria that their plans take form.

GeoInterfering- Bored's Eyes View by Thea Hambright. Directed by JB Bruno. 12 minutes.
A corporate committee is considering the mess they made by shooting up billions of tiny parasols, pretending to reflect the sun and deal with climate control. 

Sierra Nevada by Audrey Lang. Directed by Britt Berke. 13 minutes.
Sierra's teacher tries to find out why she "BS'ed" a writing assignment on the story of her name, and what might be going on at home.

Stranger and Stranger by Holly Payne-Strange. 13 minutes.
A starry-eyed romantic is set up on a blind date. Hilarity ensues, leading to conversations about reality, grief, and hope.

Advances in Communication by Barbara Blatner. Directed by Barbara Blatner. 17 minutes.
How do we use various communication devices to advance or obscure what we need to say? Via cell phones, texting, and messaging, two sisters fight about whether or not sexual abuse happened in their family's past.

Never Too Old for This ** by Ryan Millis. Directed by Brendan Hartnett. 10 minutes.
Two very different adults fight and feud over what ought to be expected of them in their older age. Could it be that they are, in fact, too old for how they are behaving?


July 13 @ 5pm
July 20 @ 8pm
July 28 @ 5pm
August 4 @ 8pm
August 14 @ 7:30pm

Program E

A Woman with a Rose by Paul K. Smith. Directed by Lauren Shields. 15 minutes.
A young patient is told to accept her prognosis that she will be dying and soon....but she has other ideas. A play about hope and perseverance – with a twist.

A Summer of Spring by Vivian Lermond. 20 minutes.
When two feuding owners of a small town B&B play host to a young woman on a journey to find her roots, Fate steps in to unravel the past and deliver second chances.

Peggy's Properties by MJ Halberstadt. 10 minutes.
A disgruntled teacher spends her birthday using colorful metaphors to sift through her broken marriage and teach basic mathematical properties to the audience—her class full of sixth graders.

* Two Boys by a Coffeshop by Alaina Hammond. Directed by Alaina Hammond. 12 minutes.
Two women--one white, one black--discuss the murder of the black woman's son. The white woman witnessed it happening, at the hands of a police officer.

* Fault Lines ** by David Gill. Directed by Tim Wallace. 14 minutes.
A light night scuffle in the dark. A struggle with a gun. An argument about who's to blame for the suicide of a young gay man. 

Gun In the First Act by Molly Horan. 20 minutes.
Four adult siblings clean out their parent's garage-- sifting through childhood memories, opening old wounds, and discovering one box thst should be left alone.


July 13 @ 8pm

July 21 @ 5pm
July 28 @ 8pm
August 7 @ 7:30pm
August 15 @ 7:30pm

Program F

Our Universe Defined By Us by Nicole Matarese. Directed by Nicole Matarese. 10 minutes.
A space team composed of female-identifying members aim to form an alliance with aliens to help protect the galaxy. When a new recruit raises some questions, it's clear this companionship is much more challenging than they thought.

The Organic Shake by Leonard D. Goodisman. Directed by Vitor Fraga. 10 minutes.
Betsy’s on the run but she needs her chocolate shake now..... but then she gets caught. She’s done the research herself, spoken for that “position," those “laws," but now, as it affects her: “No.” They want her unborn but beloved baby.

Quandary in Verse by Alexander Perez. Directed by Alexander Perez. 13 minutes.
After a torturous stretch of unemployment, Oliver finally lands a new job... but with one last obstacle.

CHOI'S CHOICE by Wei Liu. Directed by Vanisha R. Pierce. 15 minutes.
After a tragic turn of events in this Korean American family, the guilt-ridden mother and her Harvard-bound son must decide what to do to protect each other.

* Therapy ** by Lauren Curet. Directed by Lauren Curet. 20 minutes.
A woman trying to forget her violent and oppressive  reality. 

Through the Park by Shannon Kavanagh. 10 minutes.
Two women find friendship through art.


July 14 @ 5pm
July 21 @ 8pm
July 31 @ 7:30pm
August 8 @ 7:30pm
August 16 @ 7:30pm

Program G

Prophetting Off Judgement by Harley Ann Kulp. Directed by Harley Ann Kulp. 20 minutes.
What happens after you die? As Elysia can tell you, it's not what you'd expect.

The Argument by Seth Freeman. Directed by Liesel Allen Yeager. 11 minutes.
A young woman travels to Jerusalem to keep a personal sacred promise, but is thrown off balance when her driver guides her through an unfamiliar emotional landscape.

The Architecture of Desire by Brian Doyle. Directed by Artie Rose. 10 minutes.
Dr. Stanley Oliver Nussbaum will showcase his tried and true couples’ therapy that will unlock your most profound writing lying dormant in your subconscious.

Brian's Poems by Larry Rinkel. Directed by Steve Shoup. 12 minutes.
An elderly man travels a long distance to find the only memento of the boy he once loved. 

80 Percent by Emery Schaffer. Directed by Rachel Horwitz. 15 minutes.
Half-sisters Ani and Jean get their dead mother's "23andMe" results in the mail.

Raided Premises
by NT Bompart. Directed by Jeremey Catterton. 15 minutes.

During the Stonewall Riots, the daughter of an arresting officer comes out to her unaccepting father.


July 14 @ 8pm
July 24 @ 7:30pm
August 1@ 7:30pm
August 9 @ 7:30pm
August 17 @ 5pm

Program H

The Winner by Lori Londagin. Directed by Natalie Lifson. 12 minutes.
Three headbanger friends pool their wits to sponsor a fringe play contest with the goal of discovering a twisted work of art.

* Where We Met by Rachel Beals. Directed by Nathaniel Foster. 20 minutes.
A girl finds herself caught in an unspoken love triangle, between her accepted, heterosexual facade, and her true, queer desires that have been suppressed for as long as she can remember. 

Blessed Are the Dead at the Department of Life and Longevity by John Yarbrough. Directed by Alex Beck. 10 minutes.
A dying man puts his life insurance policy up for sale to the highest bidder, and all involved prepare to meet their maker.

WO[MAN] by Alyssa Haddad. Directed by Paul Mancini. 15 minutes.
A US government official and a father show a mother how her newborn daughter will be raised.

Feedback by Kylie Brown. Directed by Aaron Cooper. 12 minutes.
Avery stubbornly decides to go to her dance classes the evening after she is concussed in a car accident. As her best friend and her boyfriend fight for her focus, the stress of worlds colliding and the evening’s events escalate to a violent and painful pitch.

SPIKE by Shannon Brady. Directed by Ben Tostado. 18 minutes.
Two women, once scared little girls in a group-home, are reunited after 20 years. Different life paths come crashing together once true intentions are revealed.

One Minute Play Festival by Anna Watts. 13 minutes.
In a fast-paced series of one-minute plays, a buzzer will go off and a character will be dead.


July 17 @ 7:30pm
July 25 @ 7:30pm
August 2 @ 7:30pm
August 10 @ 5pm
August 17 @ 8pm


At-Door: $20
Advanced Sale: $18

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Cash prizes will be offered in the following categories:

Best Play ($100)
Best Director ($50)
Best Actor ($50)
Best Actress ($50)

PLUS! Those plays in the Finals will be offered a chance to be non-exclusively published in The Secret Theatre's Anthology of Short Plays.


~YOU MUST RATE EACH PLAY * FROM 1 - 7 IN THE PROGRAM YOU ARE ATTENDING. "1" is you didn't like it; "7" is you DID like it. Each play gets its own number!
*During Finals, you will have the option to vote for Best Actress, Actor, Director, and Play.

~INCOMPLETE BALLOTS will not be counted.

~LATECOMERS will not receive a ballot.

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