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Information Box Office:
For all performances (unless specifically noted), tickets are available online AND at the box office. We accept cash and card at the box office.

Phone Number and Hours:
718 392 0722
Mon-Sun  10:00am - 10:00pm  
These are the general hours; however, staff is sometimes able to pick up during off-hours. If we can't pick up, please leave a brief message and we will return your call as soon as we can.
44-02 23rd Street (between 44th Road and 44th Avenue)
Long Island City, NY 11101
Theater is NOT in the LIC Arts Center building; please enter via parking lot and head toward the back (past the loading dock).
Click HERE for map of neighborhood.

Subway Directions/Service:
~Take E or M train to Court Square/23rd Street
Exit at 44th Drive and 23rd St

Turn right at this intersection.
Theater is 1.5 blocks away b/twn 44th Rd and 44th Ave
at the back of the parking lot
~Take 7 or G train to Court Square
Exit at 45 Rd and 23rd St

Turn right at this intersection (walking north past LIC Grill)
Theater is 3.5 blocks away b/twn 44th Rd and 44th Ave
at the back of the parking lot
~Take N or W to Queensboro Plaza
Exit on south side of Queensboro Plaza

Turn right and walk .5 block to Crescent St
Turn left and walk 2 blocks to 43 Ave
Turn right and walk 2 blocks to 23rd St
Turn left at this intersection.
Theater is 1.5 blocks away b/twn 44th Ave and 44th Rd

at the back of the parking lot
Click HERE for train service changes.
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Act One: One Act Festival 2020

Act One: One Act Festival 2020

Preliminaries: Janauary 25 - February 29 2020
Semi-Finals: March 1 2020 @ 3pm and 7pm

Finals: March 4 2020 @ 6:30pm

The Act One: One Act Festival is a series of self-produced short plays competing for different cash prizes. Audience votes after each performance to determine the Finalists †!

     ~Line-up is subject to change. LAST UPDATE: FEB 5.
     ~If event is sold out, tickets may be available at-door. Please come in to sign up for the waiting list. Names will NOT be taken over the phone or via e-mail.

     ~Please be aware that some subject matter may be offensive or triggering (ex-murder, rape, violence). Discretion is advised.
     ~This show is an Actors Equity showcase.**  
 ~Recommended for ages 13 and up.

At-Door: $22

Advanced Sale: $20

@secrettheatreny... Facebook ... Twitter ... Instagram

During Finals, cash prizes will be offered in the following categories:

Best Play 
Best Director 
Best Actor 
Best Actress 

PLUS! Those plays in the Finals will be offered a chance to be non-exclusively published in The Secret Theatre's Anthology of Short Plays.

~DO NOT LOSE YOUR BALLOT. You will not receive another one. This is due to the fact that prizes are involved.
~YOU MUST RANK EACH PLAY AGAINST EACH OTHER. You will use the numbers 1 - 8, 1 - 7, or 1 - 5 (depending on the program).
"1" means you didn't like it ..... "5" "7" or "8" means you loved it!

   *During Preliminaries and Semi-Finals and Finals, you vote for the Best Play to make it to the next round.
   *During Finals only, you will have the option to vote for Best Actress, Actor, and Director.

~INCOMPLETE BALLOTS will not be counted.
~LATECOMERS may not receive a ballot (at discretion of management).


Program A
Snow Globe by James C. Meyer. Directed by James C. Meyer. 18 minutes.
Carol's musician boyfriend abandons her for big dreams out West, only to attempt a reunion years later ...with a shock waiting for him.

a/in/the/of by Audrey Lang. Directed by Carin Jennie Estey. 13 minutes.
Two sisters discover how strained their relationship really is during a bookstore visit before their graduations.

Wee Annie's Hold ** by David Adam Gill. Directed by John Peña Griswold. 15 minutes.
Legend has it that "Wee Annie" bricks herself into her chamber unless she finds another to take her place. Will a self-absorbed actress be the one?

Butterfly * by Larry Hassman. Directed by Larry Hassman. 17 minutes.
A desperate straight man demands a psychotherapist help him to become homosexual.
* Gunshot sound effect; rape dialogue.

Monster's Lament ** by Greg Oliver Bodine. Directed by DeLisa M. White. 10 minutes.
A seafaring Arctic explorer discovers a darkened 'form’ aboard his ship, hanging over the remains of its creator, and must now choose between honor-bound vengeance and compassion. Adapted from Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.

Marigolds by Taylor Rankin. Directed by Scott Robinson. 10 minutes.
An elderly married couple wake up together in their familiar home, in their familiar environment, like they have for years...yet everything is more different than they realize.

Time to a Phantom ** by Zach Ezer. Directed by Dominique Rider. 10 minutes.
Kyle's apartment is haunted... so he calls his superintendent for advice.

The Four Horsemen of the Internet ** by Dwayne Yancey. Directed by Leslie Burby. 10 minutes.
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse get released by four new catastrophes.

Sat Jan 25 @ 7pm
Sun Feb 2 @ 3pm
Wed Feb 12 @ 7pm
Thurs Feb 20 @ 7pm

Program B
Dark Roast by Laura Canty-Samuel. Directed by Marina Tempelsman. 12 minutes.
What could ruin your wedding day more than body-swapping with a serial killer?

The Mirror Had Other Ideas by Christina Delia. Directed by Andy Danford. 12 minutes.
An introverted woman faces off with her mirror image, who yearns to break free from the bathroom and compete for the love of the same man.

Millard, Is That You? by Brian Leahy Doyle. Directed by Adriana Alter. 10 minutes.
Two dead presidents in Limbo discuss their failures as American leaders. With Donald Trump in the White House, will history be kind?

House Cleaning * by Charles Meany. Directed by Charles Meany. 13 minutes.
As a jeweler is left wondering who killed his employee, his nephew gives him clues to solve this whodunnit .

* Gun use

Monster Plans by Meagan J. Meehan. Directed by Meagan J. Meehan. 15 minutes.
Two slackers fear entering the real world after being traumatized by the boogey-man under the bed.

Baby's First Madness by Ruth Zamoyta. Directed by Jackie Knollhuff. 15 minutes.
A wacky ensemble of mis-matched characters join in on a birth and a real estate deal.

The Mother's Room by Joanell Serra. Directed by Devin O'Brien. 15 minutes.
With help from a mysterious elderly patron, a young woman enters a supernatural restroom to visit her deceased mother.

Sex, Love & Premature Evacuation by Joni Ravenna. Directed by Katherine Yacko. 18 minutes.
While a romance novelist researches in-vitro fertilzation, she meets a pitiful and lonely man with performance problems. Is it true love... or another heartbreak waiting to happen?

Sun Jan 26 @7pm
Sun Feb 2 @7pm
Thurs Feb 13 @7pm
Fri Feb 21 @7pm

Program C
Super Man ** by Joseph Sexton. Directed by Marcy Agreen. 15 minutes.
A middle-aged intellectually-disabled man comes to terms with his mother's death. 

John & Eleanor by Serah Bennett. Directed by Serah Bennett. 14 minutes.
Set in Colonial Delaware. A young newlywed couple is searching for the happiness that is not present in their marriage.

Makin' Bond by Louis Johnson. Directed by Borna Barzin. 15 minutes. 
Ian Fleming never wanted a black James Bond, and neither did the rest of the world... then along came P. Chris Paulsen, who vowed to change all that!

Haircuts by Barbara Trainin Blank. Directed by Richard Mazda. 10 minutes.
Anne Boyleyn has a heart-to-heart with a young nun before her execution.

I, Too, Am Filled With Hope * by Holly Settoon. Directed by Laura Dupper. 10 minutes.
In the final moments of 2019, childhood friends must confront their demons- both literal and metaphorical- in unexpected ways.
*Portayal of drug use

Tues Jan 28 @7pm
Wed Feb 5 @7pm
Fri Feb 14 @7pm
Sat Feb 22 @7pm

Program D
Houseparty: Chris & Alex by Azariah Coppin. Directed by Alice Camarota. 20 minutes.
In a not too distant American future, one couple lounges in font of a TV, taking in and talking about perceptions of beauty, fatherhood, and the price points respective of each other.

What Are You Hiding? by Elizabeth Shannon & Morgan Southwell. Directed by Richard Hutzler. 20 minutes.
Set in a dystopian society, a paper trail of an illegal procedure ends up in the wrong mailbox. Now two sets of neighbors must reconcile their differences and decide whether the truth should be revealed or not.

Dead Game by Lisa Stratton. Directed by Johnny Culver. 12 minutes.
A woman fulfills her promise to be at the hospital when another woman dies. But, things never go as planned.

Two Boys and A Box of Bullets * by Amanda Terman. Directed by Jak Prince. 13 minutes.
Schoolchildren realize an older boy is plotting a massacre and a (terrible) plan is hatched to stop it.
* Gunshot sond effect

Light by Barbara Blatner. Directed by Barbara Blatner. 12 minutes.
A recently separated workaholic clashes with her adult children during the Winter holidays. 

Wed Jan 29 @7pm
Thurs Feb 6 @7pm
Sat Feb 15 @3pm
Sun Feb 23 @3pm

Program E
Start with I Do ** * by Mary Lauren. Directed by Stef Wilson. 15 minutes.
Will Audrey join the sea of mediocrity and be stripped of her identity, quite literally? Isn't this supposed to be the best day of her life?
* Partial nudity

There Is No Other Path by Jerry Polner. Directed by Emily Hartford. 15 minutes.
In the world of engagement marketing, a young professional learns the secret of selling cosmetics to teens.

It Could Be Worse by Richard Vetere. Directed by Maja Wampuszyc. 10 minutes.
Two fathers are watching their inept sons play Little League Baseball.

The World is Lit by Lightning * by Kevin Brofsky. Directed by Eric Diamond. 20 minutes.
A young Tennessee Williams takes a man back to his room, enacting a scenario very similar to a famous Glass Menagerie scene.
* Full frontal nudity

Permission ** * by Rachael Carnes. Directed by Tricia Mancuso-Parks. 10 minutes.
An intergenerational #MeToo moment.
* Rape dialogue

A Broom with A Schtick ** by Charles Meany. Directed by Charles Meany. 15 minutes.
2 seniors meet and challenge each other’s denial of their own truth: one is an uneducated immigrant and retired boxer; the other a sophisticated woman who’s experienced abundant grief and a life devoid of love. 

A Play Within a Play within a Play ** by Hilary Bluestein-Lyons. Directed by Adira Rosen. 12 minutes.
Aa a man and woman rehearse a play about a couple who are rehearsing a play, they discover how reflective these characters are to their own lives.

Thurs Jan 30 @ 7pm
Fri Feb 7 @7pm
Sat Feb 15 @ 7pm
Sun Feb 23 @ 7pm

Program F
Ebb & Flow by Sherna Ann Phillips. Directed by Kyle Jackson. 15 minutes.
An unrefined slam poet pursues a sophisticated philosophy professor on opening night of The Unbound Exhibit, and a battle of the sexes “ebbs and flows.”

A Matter of Interpretation by Matt & Ariel Sanders. Directed by Eric Leeb. 10 minutes.
An interpreter in a NYC night court is asked to help a defendant whose cultural identity is not quite clear. 

Toothless by Mark Staufenberg. Directed by Annette Storckman. 11 minutes.
Molly wakes up in the hospital with a headache, low blood-sugar, and to a complete stranger who insists on force-feeding her cookies. 

Happy Hour ** by Charles Meany. Directed by Charles Meany. 18 minutes.
A bar queen thrives on her Friday night conquests but is soon forced to face herself and reclaim her dignity.

And Everything Was Perfect by Monte D. Monteleagre. Directed by Kevin Snyder. 10 minutes.
Five identical men do five identical jobs. Five identical men have betrayed the moon.

Me and Him by Michael McGoldrick. Directed by Michael McGoldrick. 13 minutes.
A shady funeral director reflects on his recent bad behavior. 

Setting: Teacher's Lounge by Azariah Coppin. Directed by Alice Camarota. 20 minutes.
Three female elementary school teachers grapple with their unhappiness with teaching and the meaning behind their supposedly "fulfilling occupation."

Fri Jan 31 @7pm
Sat Feb 8 @7pm
Sun Feb 16 @3pm
Wed Feb 26 @ 7pm

Program G
Jesus Stole My Birth Control by Alaina Messineo. Directed by Nika Rose. 20 minutes.
Through various side discussions, "Her" and "She" dissects religion, gender roles, sexuality, and of course death.

Just A B'Day Dinner in NYC by Youlim Nam. Directed by Sophia Treanor. 16 minutes.
Four New Yorkers try to split a big bill at a city restaurant.

Birds of a Feather by Fernando Segall. Directed by Lauren Grajewski. 12 minutes.
A blue Macaw, a bald eagle, and an imperial eagle discuss modern imperialism.

Breakfast by Adam North. Directed by Mark Barford. 19 minutes.
Molly just wants a fun morning of breakfast with her favorite gay couple Andrew and Jessie, but unforeseen news turns the day around.

Repetition by Doug DeVita. Directed by William Spinnato. 15 minutes.
The decisions made on a drunken New Year's Eve can bring dire consequences for two lonely adult virgins.

Snobbish Negroes by Steve Gold. Directed by Gabrielle Harrison. 15 minutes.
A farce about the universality of snobbery.

Hardhead by Ramos Smith. Directed by Teya Duncan. 15 minutes.
The story of a young, failing, amateur athlete who attempts to fulfill his father's dreams of success. 

Call-and-Response by Marcus Scott. Directed by Justin Schwartz. 15 minutes.
A raid casued by a bitter teenager costs a young African-American man his life. An exploration of race relations, white male privilege, and police brutality.

Sat Feb 1 @3pm
Sun Feb 9 @3pm
Sun Feb 16 @ 7pm
Thurs Feb 27 @ 7pm

Program H
Ricky and Ready ** * by Colleen O'Doherty. Directed by Carolynn Cecilia. 10 minutes.
Patty's adult daughter has the answers she needs, but doesn't want to hear.
* Sudden loud noises used

Back Home by Shannon Kavanagh. Directed by Shannon Kavanagh. 10 minutes.
An American barmaid and an Irish woman meet on St. Patrick's Day.

E11even by James Johnson. Directed by Marcela Casals. 15 minutes.
A bright yet troubled 11-year-old girl tries to convince her therapist of the impossible.

Should Be Giraves by John McCloskey. Directed by Sarah McDonnell. 20 minutes.
A breakroom conversation between good friends takes an explosive and bitter turn.

The Microwave Play by Alaina Messineo. Directed by Nika Rose. 20 minutes.
Three young women living in a cloistered boarding home in NYC navigate the man himself (Jesus) and the role he plays in our lives.

Distilled by John McGraw. Directed by Christian Mandracchia. 10 minutes.
What was supposed to be a friendly meeting between a young girl and her mother turns into a bizarre crisis of identity.

White Walls by Jack Rushton. Directed by Lauria Sauriat & Adrian Witzke. 10 minutes.
Charles and Martha discover the truth during a hospital stay.

Sat Feb 1 @7pm
Sun Feb 9 @7pm
Wed Feb 19 @ 7pm
Sat Feb 29 @ 3pm
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